Wouter Vandenhole, The Struggle for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Wouter Vandenhole, The Struggle for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

J Human Rights Practice Advance Access for January 13, 2017

The stated objective of Amnesty International’s Human Rights for Human Dignity: A Primer on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights is twofold: to ‘serve not just as a useful resource for activists but as a stepping stone for taking practical action’ (Amnesty International 2014: 143). This 2014 Primer is an update of the 2005 edition, which was published after Amnesty International broadened its mandate in 2001 in order to include all human rights and a diversity of duty bearers (Amnesty International 2014: 17).

The Primer certainly succeeds in its first objective of providing a useful resource. It outlines key features of economic, social and cultural rights (ESC rights) in Chapter 1; provides an overview of most ESC rights in Chapter 2 (conspicuously absent is the right to social security); spells out obligations in Chapter 3; and clarifies ESC rights of a number of groups in Chapter 6….



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