Vincent P. WANGELOW, Petroleum licensing in the European Union: the allocation of E&P [exploration and production] rights in Denmark

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e-Competitions Special Issue: Excessive prices

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Dr. Jonathan Richard ANDREW, Location data and human mobility : an evaluation of a dissonance that frames data protection and privacy rights (teză de doctorat în Drept, Institutul Universitar European, Florenţa, 9 februarie 2018, 344p.).

Journal of Data Protection & Privacy, vol. 2, 2018

Consultare publica: Strategia Națională de Educație Parentală,

Expoziția Generalul Henri Mathias Berthelot pe frontul românesc (1916 – 1918)

Sorin Melenciuc, Where is Romania in the world? On the same level with Brazil and Mexico, 10 years behind Poland