Thomas  Biermeyer, Marcus Meyer, Cross-border Corporate Mobility in the EU: Empirical Findings 2018

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Giesela Ruhl, Building Competence in Commercial Law in the Member States

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Monika Glavina, ‘To Submit or Not to Submit – That Is the (Preliminary) Question’: Explaining National Judges’ Reluctance to Participate in the Preliminary Ruling Procedure

Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, Volume 13, Issue 10, 1 October 2018

Neil Wilkof, What the Frankfurt School and Walter Benjamin might teach us about works of art [FULLTEXT]

CEDO: Somorjai v. Ungaria. Lipsa motivelor în decizia Curţii Supreme de a nu se adresa la CJUE în vederea pronunțării unei hotărâri preliminare, în acest sens lipsind o solicitare explicită. Inadmisibilă

Muhammad Ali Nasir, Negative governmentality through fundamental rights: The far side of the European Convention on Human Rights