Momente si schite. Schita: dreptul contractelor europene. Momentul: Constitutionalizarea

Chantal Mak, The Constitutional Momentum of European Contract Law (II): The DCFR and the European Constitutional Order (September, 22 2009). Opinio Juris in Comparatione, Vol. 2/2009, Paper No. 3. Available at SSRN.


This paper analyses the potential impact of the recently published Draft Common Frame of Reference for European contract law (DCFR) on the European constitutional process. Looking at the combination of characteristics of codification and aspects of constitutionalism reflected in the DCFR, it is submitted that the further harmonisation of European contract law may contribute to the definition of the European constitutional order both on the institutional level (regarding the forms in which Europe’s Constitution is expressed) and on a substantive level (concerning the values encompassed by a ‘lasting constitutional settlement’ for the EU).

Dreptul Privat European – 15 ani si 16 solutii

Ewoud H. Hondius, Fifteen Years of European Private Law – at the Occasion of the 15th Birthday of the Trento/Torino Common Core of European Private Law Project (September, 22 2009). Opinio Juris in Comparatione Vol. 2/2009, Paper No. 5. Available at SSRN. Republicat in Revista Romana de Drept European, nr. 6/2009

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Green Paper – Succession and wills {SEC(2005) 270}, COM/2005/0065 final [*]