Documentul privind audierea Facebok in Senatul SUA, aprilie 2018

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Marco Botta, Alexandr Svetlicinii, Maciej Bernatt, The Assessment of the Effect on Trade by the National Competition Authorities of the ‘New’ Member States: Another Legal Partition of the Internal Market?

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Alexandr Svetlicinii, Maciej Bernatt, Marco Botta, The Dark Matter in EU Competition Law: Non-Infringement Decisions in the New EU Member States Before and After Tele2 Polska

Marco Botta, Klaus Wiedemann, EU Competition Law Enforcement Vis-À-Vis Exploitative Conducts in the Data Economy Exploring the Terra Incognita (May 24, 2018). Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper No. 18-08. Available at SSRN:

Alexandre Cassart, Le droit des MachinTechs (FinTech, LegalTech, MedTech…), Larcier, 2018

e-Competitions Special Issue: Interim Measures

Gregor Teodorescu, De la doctrine politice la sisteme IT. Exemplul Estoniei