Massimo La Torre, A demented world: Politics without politics, state without state

Massimo La Torre, A demented world: Politics without politics, state without state, European Law Journal, Volume24, Issue4-5, September 2018


Johann Huizinga, the great Dutch historian, wrote: ‘We are living in a demented world. And we know it’, pointing to the Schmittian nationalist irrationalism. Nevertheless, this expression might be accommodated to stress a contemporary form of dementia: the dementia of marketing. We are obsessed, made demented, by consumption, and we know it because we go and hunt for it. Classical economics in its neoliberal shift becomes, now, bio‐economics. The institutional venue where this kind of bio‐political commitment has been strongest is that provided by the European Union. The European Union has failed to halt the process of depoliticisation underway in the government of public affairs, contributing, on the contrary, to its encouragement and acceleration. The picture that emerges seems to have thrown us back 100 years, overrunning the defences of the Welfare State against the excesses of the free market and financial capitalism.

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