e-Competitions Special Issue: Arbitration

e-Competitions Special Issue: Arbitration



Since the Mitsubishi judgment, the arbitrability of antitrust cases has become a standard admitted in most – if not all – jurisdictions. A great number of books, articles and notes have been published on the subject. Nevertheless, experience shows that several questions may still arise and that the parties should count not only on practitioners understanding the fundamentals of competition law but also on arbitrators being truly allergic to arguments of this type or being simply incompetent in the matter. Although merger control remains within the hands of competition authorities, some measures relating to the implementation of remedies may be close or even integrated into arbitration procedures.

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Christian Bovet

Geneva Law School


The Regional Court of Dortmund holds that standard arbitration agreements apply to cartel damages actions if and when the alleged conduct coincides with a breach of contract deviating from the ECJ’s foreseeability theory established for jurisdiction clauses in its CDC judgement
Carolin Stadtaus  Hogan Lovells (Munich)
Christian Ritz  Hogan Lovells (Munich)
The French Supreme Court holds that a jurisdiction or arbitration clause cannot be used by foreign undertakings to discard the application of French provisions on unfair trade practices when the action is brought by the Minister of the economy (Apple)
6 JULY 2016
Erwann Kerguelen  French Competition Authority (Paris)
The Swedish Supreme Court rejects a claim for annulment of an arbitration award without assessing the formal matter of the legislation on which the award was based (Systembolaget Aktiebolag)
17 JUNE 2015
Viktor Wahlqvist  Vinge (Stockholm)
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission proceeds with the arbitration of the disputes notified by three telecom access seekers (Vocus / Telstra)
12 MARCH 2014
Australian Competition Authority  Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (Canberra)
The US Supreme Court reverses the judgment of the Court of Appeals and holds that the parties’ agreement on arbitration shall remain valid (American Express / Italian Colors Restaurant)
20 JUNE 2013
Sarah Jenkins  Faegre Baker Daniels (Indianapolis)
Aaron D. Van Oort  Faegre Baker Daniels (Minneapolis)

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