2018 CALL FOR PAPERS EUMOL JEAN MONNET CHAIR Money as a Means of Community Belonging

Money as a Means of Community Belonging
The Jean Monnet Chair in EU Money Law (EUMOL) and the Department of Business and Law of the University of Siena have the pleasure of inviting international academics and professionals working in the field of money to submit proposals for papers. The participation of Ph.D. and tenure track scholars is particularly welcome.
The 2018 Winter School is organized an interdisciplinary workshop, devoted to investigate money as a means of community belonging and a tool of community construction, where “money” covers currency, scriptural money, digital currency, complementary currencies, payment systems, while “community” refers to the State, the international community, the European Union, the Eurozone, local or cross-national communities, like Sardex or bitcoin.
We welcome proposals (essays, case law analysis, book presentation, -based experiences) from scholars and professionals working in the fields of law, political economics, economics, sociology, management, cultural studies, anthropology or any other discipline seeking to engage seriously with “money” and “community”, posing, for example, the following questions:
– Money is a social institution: at the crossroads of globalization and re-birth of nation-State myth, which are the main regulatory challenges to money as a trust-based product?
– The European Union claims to be a pluralistic community. How should “cultural pluralism” be accommodated within the EU law of money?
– Complementary currency-schemes vs with State-based (or EU-based) currency: case-based analysis and experiences;
– After last financial and sovereign debt crisis, how changed the role of central banking?
The event is held in the second week of December, in English, no translation services is provided.
Submission procedure: please, send your abstract of max. 300 words by 30 October together with a short C.V. to the JM Chair’ holder, Dr Gabriella Gimigliano: gabriella.gimigliano@unisi.it. The selected authors will be informed by 15th November. No full paper is required for the workshop. If your workshop presentation is selected for the publication on “Ianus”, a peer-blind review of the Business and Law Department, your paper is to be ready by March 2019.

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