Concurrences Review N°2-2018


“Innovation competition and merger policy: New? Not sure. Robust? Not quite!”
MAY 2018
Nicolas Petit  University of South Australia (Adelaide)


Susan JONES, Novartis: Navigating competition law enforcement around the world – an in-house perspective
MAY 2018
Susan Jones  Novartis (Basel)


The Google Shopping decision
MAY 2018
Nicholas Banasevic  DG COMP (Brussels)
Beatriz Marques  Office of the New York State Attorney General (Albany)
Aurelien Portuese  Leicester De Montfort University


India: Cartel enforcement – The past, the present and the future
MAY 2018
Karan Singh Chandhiok  Chandhiok & Associates (New Delhi)
Kalyani Singh  Chandhiok & Associates (New Delhi)
Sarthak Pande  Chandhiok & Associates (New Delhi)
UK: Brexit – The need for a special approach to EU mergers
MAY 2018
Ronan Scanlan  Matheson (Dublin)


Article 13 of Regulation 1/2003 animated
MAY 2018
Ekaterina Rousseva  European Commission (Brussels)


Assessing online platform mergers: Taking up the new challenges faced by the French Competition Authority in the digital (…)
MAY 2018
Isabelle de Silva  French Competition Authority (Paris)
Common sense about common ownership
MAY 2018
Keith Klovers  U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (Washington DC)
Douglas H. Ginsburg  George Mason University (Fairfax)
From Greek olive oil to Latvian music: Is there any such thing as unfair prices?
MAY 2018
Nils Wahl  European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
NRAs decisions: Zero rating and net neutrality challenges
MAY 2018
Stefano De Luca  Cullen International (Brussels)
Carlo Edoardo Cazzato  Lipani Catricalà & Partners (Rome)

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