EthicsComplianceHub :: Bucharest, 2017

EthicsComplianceHub :: Bucharest, 2017

November 23, 2017 | 09.30.-13.00. | Musat & Associates HQ

In 2016, Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethicslaunched a series of events for people working in Ethics & Compliance or collateral fields (from Anti-Fraud and Risk Management to Internal Audit and Sustainability). It was 10 years later from the first steps taken in Romania and by Romanian specialists to build a professional community. This event is a continuation of that initiative and we hope you will join our efforts to promote integrity in the private, public and civil sectors.

Event Agenda / November 23, 2017

09.30.–10.00.   Welcome Coffee
10.00.–10.30.  Reviewing the Compliance Policies of Pharma Companies regarding the Sponsorship of Healthcare Professionals / Adaptarea politicilor de conformitate ale companiilor farmaceutice în legătură cu sponsorizarea profesioniștilor în domeniul sănătății
Dan MINOIU | Managing Associate (Mușat & Associates)
10.30.–11.00.   Q/A Session
11.00.–11.30.   Lobby: The Red Line of Ethics / Lobby: Firul roșu al eticii
Laura FLOREA | Managing Partner (Point Public Affairs)
11.30.–12.00.   Q/A Session
12.00.-13.00.   Networking Lunch

Event Organizer:Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics
Partner:Musat & Associates
With support of:European Ethics & Compliance Association

Event Location: Musat & Associates HQ
Address: 43 Aviatorilor Blvd., Bucharest, 011853, Romania
We recommend you to use Aviatorilor Metro Station to get to the event location. Parking space is not provided.

This event is open to:
• CEOs / GMs
• CFOs / Accounting Professionals
• Members of the Board
• Ethics & Compliance / Compliance Professionals
• Public Affairs / Governmental Affairs / Lobby Professionals
• Law Professionals
• Anti-Money Laundering Professionals
• Fraud Prevention Professionals
• Risk Professionals
• Internal Control Professionals
• Integrity / Anti-Corruption Professionals
• Audit Professionals
• Human Resources Professionals
• Social Responsibility / Sustainability / Community Affairs Professionals
• Corporate Governance Professionals
• Data Protection Professionals
• Personnel of national offices for Money Laundering Prevention, Anti-Corruption Fighting, Justice, Labour and Equal Opportunities, Fiscal Administration



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