Giselle Corradi, Eva Brems and Mark Goodale (eds), Human Rights Encounter Legal Pluralism Normative and Empirical Approaches, Hart Publishing, 2017

Human Rights Encounter Legal Pluralism

Normative and Empirical Approaches

Edited by Giselle Corradi, Eva Brems and Mark Goodale


This collection of essays interrogates how human rights law and practice acquire meaning in relation to legal pluralism, ie, the co-existence of more than one regulatory order in a same social field. As a social phenomenon, legal pluralism exists in all societies. As a legal construction, it is characteristic of particular regions, such as post-colonial contexts. Drawing on experiences from Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe, the contributions in this volume analyse how different configurations of legal pluralism interplay with the legal and the social life of human rights. At the same time, they enquire into how human rights law and practice influence interactions that are subject to regulation by more than one normative regime. Aware of numerous misunderstandings and of the mutual suspicion that tends to exist between human rights scholars and anthropologists, the volume includes contributions from experts in both disciplines and intends to build bridges between normative and empirical theory.


Giselle Corradi is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Human Rights Centre at the Law Faculty of Ghent University.

Eva Brems is Professor of Human Rights Law at Ghent University.

Mark Goodale is Professor of Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Lausanne.


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May 2017     9781849467612     272pp     Hardback     RSP: £50




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