Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 6/ 2017

Risk taking, global innovation and the role of IP
Stefano Barazza
Current Intelligence
Compulsory licensing and access to medicines: TRIPS amendment allows export to least-developed countries
Muhammad Zaheer Abbas ; Shamreeza Riaz
US Supreme Court holds that supply of a single component of a multicomponent invention for manufacture abroad is not patent infringement under 35 USC § 271(f)(1)
Charles R. Macedo; Jung S. Hahm
Trade marks in Singapore: use it or lose it
Samuel Wee
The UK IPO’s decision in The Willow Tea Rooms trade mark dispute
Hayleigh Bosher
CJEU clarifies scope of ‘access to cable of broadcasting services’ in Article 9 of the InfoSoc Directive
Eleonora Rosati
Federal Court interprets Canada’s technological protection measures for the first time
Dr. Emir Crowne
Copyright in a film does not depend on its genre: French court also confirms that pornography can be protected
Kevin Bercimuelle-Chamot
Indian e-commerce websites not obliged to conduct preventative filtering for listings of infringing goods
Devika Agarwal; Radhika Agarwal
Product configuration marks: the shape of things to come
Maeve Lynch
China’s new patent commercialization strategy
Taolue Zhang; Dan Prud’homme; Oliver Lutze
Pharmaceutical innovations and obligations under TRIPS
Mike Snodin
Tipping the scale in GS Media: a proposal to restore the balance between rightholders and internet users
Roosa Tarkiainen
Brief speculations about changes to IP law in the UK after Brexit
Andreas Rahmatian
From GRUR Int.
Brexit and the EU patent
Luigi Carlo Ubertazzi
IP in Review
A pragmatic look at copyright’s overreach
Seemantani Sharma
The ultimate practitioner’s guide to online enforcement of rights in the United Kingdom:
Martin Husovec
Economic approaches to IP
Paul Lambert
A book that boldly states its goal …
Frederick Noble

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