Thomas Giegerich, Desirée C Schmitt and Sebastian Zeitzmann (eds), Flexibility in the EU and Beyond, Hart Publishing, 2017

Flexibility in the EU and Beyond

How Much Differentiation Can European Integration Bear?

Edited by Thomas Giegerich, Desirée C Schmitt and Sebastian Zeitzmann

Currently the EU is facing some fundamental challenges: the euro and refugee crises are still unresolved, the solidarity between Member States is eroding and nationalist forces are growing as support for European integration is diminishing. The union appears too heterogeneous and the economic and political interests of the 28 Member States too diverse to be able to address these challenges as a whole. Does the concept of differentiated integration offer a possible solution? Can such differentiation offer the European integration project a better and more stable future? Which measures of diversity and flexibility can the “ever closer Union among the peoples of Europe” endure? Or will such differentiation ultimately damage the joint European project? This collection of leading European lawyers tackles these questions and suggests how they might be addressed.

Thomas Giegerich is Chairholder of the Professorship for EU Law, Public International Law and Public Law and Director of the Europa-Institut.

Desirée C Schmitt, LLM is research assistant to Professor Giegerich.

Sebastian Zeitzmann, LLM is research assistant to Professor Giegerich.

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