Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice Table of Contents for April 2017

Seeking effective remedies for the growing epidemic of counterfeit pharmaceutical products
Carina Gommers
Current Intelligence
The CJEU broadens the scope of European SPCs, but shortens validity of its duration in certain Member States
Daniel Acquah
General Court finds shape of KitKat bar not sufficiently distinctive for EU-wide protection
Laura Foster
The battle of the Gs: GC rules that use of the Guess logo does not infringe earlier Gucci marks
Michele Giannino
Likelihood of confusion must be assessed in light of the goods and services for which a mark is registered
Karin Cederlund; Nedim Malovic
Canadian Federal Court of Appeal says that there is no need to consider all potential uses of a mark in opposition proceedings
Emir Crowne
Turkish Court of Cassation refuses to extend scope of protection of Lacoste’s well-known trade marks
Uğur Aktekin; Güldeniz Doğan Alkan ; Dilan Kayalıca
Caffè Nero gives it another shot but EU General Court says no
Luxmi Rajanayagam
Protecting product get-up via passing off: an IPEC update
Rosie Burbidge
CJEU says that right of information survives earlier IP infringement proceedings
Daniel Spisiak
EU trade mark round-up 2016
Arnaud Folliard-Monguiral ; David Rogers
Trade marks, country names and misappropriation of national identity
Natalie GS Corthésy
Biobank-related research and intellectual property rights: deconstructing the obscurity
Rajam Neethu
The eloquent silence of Soulier and Doke and its critical implications for EU copyright law
Caterina Sganga
MCM v HP: are patent jury-trials now buggy-whips?
Robert M. Kunstadt
From GRUR Int.
Intermediary IP injunctions in the EU and UK experiences: when less (harmonization) is more?
Eleonora Rosati
IP in Review
IP and climate change: an essential practical guide for current and future generations
Laetitia Lagarde
Exhaust this!
Péter Mezei
European intellectual property law explained: a panorama of key issues over the last twenty years
Camille Auvret

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