International Data Privacy Law Table of Contents for February 2017

Machine learning with personal data: is data protection law smart enough to meet the challenge?
Christopher Kuner; Dan Jerker B. Svantesson; Fred H. Cate; Orla Lynskey; Christopher Millard
Editor’s Choice
Brexit: potential trade and data implications for digital and ‘f intech’ industries
Karen McCullagh
Data protection impact assessments: a meta-regulatory approach
Reuben Binns
The business of personal data: Google, Facebook, and privacy issues in the EU and the USA
Asunción Esteve
To score and to protect? Big data (and privacy) meet SME credit risk in the UK
Jane Marriott; Gavin Robinson
Book Review
Graham Greenleaf, Asian Data Privacy Laws: Trade and Human Rights Perspectives
Michael Kirby
How the best-laid plans go awry: the (unsolved) issues of applicable law in the General Data Protection Regulation
Jiahong Chen

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