Marta Díaz Pozo, Patenting Genes. The Requirement of Industrial Application, Edward Elgar, 2017

Marta Díaz Pozo, Patenting Genes. The Requirement of Industrial Application, Edward Elgar, 2017

This book constitutes a fascinating and in-depth analysis of the significance of the requirement of industrial application within gene patenting and how this influences innovation in Europe and the US. The author addresses an area normally overlooked in biotechnology patenting due to the predominance of the ethical debate and, in doing so, produces a unique approach to dealing with concerns in this field.

Patenting Genes: The Requirement of Industrial Application is the result of extensive research into the legal history of the industrial application requirement as well as exploration of the broad range of decisions on DNA patentability. This requirement has taken a prominent role within DNA patenting decisions in Europe since the 1998 Biotech Directive, which Dr Díaz Pozo argues has worked efficiently to control claims to human gene sequences and encouraged progress in genetic research. A broad selection of decisions on the patentability of DNA in both European Union and US courts is discussed, emphasizing the mirroring of the European approach in US cases.

Academics and students of patent law and biotechnology innovation, as well as policy formulators, will find this book of great interest and value. Activists and practitioners interested in the patentability of human gene inventions in Europe and the US will also benefit from this original work.

Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Genetic inventions and patent law in Europe 3. The European requirement of industrial application 4. The industrial applicability of human genetic inventions 5. The requirement of industrial application and the interpretation of the exclusion of human genetic discoveries from patent protection 6. The requirement of industrial application and the determination of the scope of protection of gene patents 7. Human gene patents, patent clusters and innovative progress 8. Conclusion Index


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