Tamara K. Hervey, Calum Alasdair Young and Louise E. Bishop (eds), Research Handbook on EU Health Law and Policy, Edward Elgar, 2017

Tamara K. Hervey, Calum Alasdair Young and Louise E. Bishop (eds), Research Handbook on EU Health Law and Policy, Edward Elgar, 2017

The steady expansion of the European Union’s involvement in health over the past 20 years has been accelerated by recent events. This Handbook offers an up-to-date analytical overview of the most important topics in EU health law and policy. It outlines, as far as possible, the direction of travel for each topic and suggests research agendas for the future.

Split into five parts, this book brings together international, interdisciplinary contributions to consider the past, present and future of EU health law and policy. The changing membership of the EU could see dramatic changes for EU health law and policy and the contributors consider current developments in the light of past trajectories. The book covers key institutions; policies on people and products; health systems; public health; and the health implications of the EU’s external trade policies and laws.

Wide-ranging and accessible, this Handbook will appeal to academics and students focussing on EU health law or policy. It will also be of interest to lawyers and policy makers working in or with the EU as well as health managers and NGOs.

Contributors: A. Alemanno, O. Bartlett, L.E. Bishop, E. Brosset, A. de Ruijter, A. den Exter, G. Dussault, M.L. Flear, M. Frischhut, A. Garde, I. Goldner Lang, S.L Greer, M. Guy, T.K. Hervey, H. Jarman, M. Koivusalo, E. Kuhlmann, C. Larsen, A. Mahalatchimy, C.B. Maier, D.S Martinsen, J.V. McHale, N. Mijatovi?, E. Pavolini, M. Pilgerstorfer, C.M. Rieder, C.S. Rusu, W. Sauter, T. Sokol, M.-I. Ungureanu, J.W. van de Gronden, C.A. Young


Martin McKee

Tamara K. Hervey, Calum Young and Louise E. Bishop

Part I History, Scope, Institutions
1. The History and Scope of EU Health Law and Policy
Mary Guy and Wolf Sauter

2. Governing EU Health Law and Policy – On Governance and Legislative Politics
Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen

3. Courts and EU Health Law and Policies
Clemens M. Rieder

4. Fundamental Rights and EU Health Law and Policy
Calum Alasdair Young

Part II People and Products
5. EU Law, Policy and Health Professional Mobility
Ellen Kuhlmann, Claudia B. Maier, Gilles Dussault, Christa Larsen, Emmanuele Pavolini and Marius-Ionu? Ungureanu

6. European Union Biomedical Research Law and Policy and Citizen Science
Mark L. Flear

7. EU Law and Policy on Pharmaceuticals Marketing and Post-Market Control Including Product Liability
Marcus Pilgerstorfer

8. EU Law and Policy on New Health Technologies
Estelle Brosset and Aurélie Mahalatchimy

9. EU Law and Policy on Human Materials
Jean V. McHale and Aurélie Mahalatchimy

10. eHealth Law: The Final Frontier?
André den Exter

Part III Systems
11. EU Competition Law and Policy and Health Systems
Johan W. van de Gronden and Catalin S. Rusu

12. EU Health Law and Policy and the Eurozone Crisis
Tomislav Sokol and Nikola Mijatovi?

Part IV Public Health
13. EU Public Health Law and Policy – Communicable Diseases
Markus Frischhut and Scott L. Greer

14. EU Public Health Law and Policy – Tobacco
Alberto Alemanno

15. EU Public Health Law and Policy – On the Rocks? A Few Sobering Thoughts on the Growing EU Alcohol Problem
Oliver Bartlett and Amandine Garde

16. Public Health in European Union Food Law
Iris Goldner Lang

Part V The External Dimension
17. Trade and Health in the European Union
Holly Jarman and Meri Koivusalo

18. The EU’s (Emergent) Global Health Law and Policy
Tamara K. Hervey

19. The Impediment of Health Laws’ Values in the Constitutional Setting of the EU
Anniek de Ruijter



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