Christopher Hill, Michael Smith (eds), International Relations and the European Union, OUP, 2011

Christopher Hill, Michael Smith (eds), International Relations and the European Union, OUP, 2011

  • Systematically incorporates the study of IR into an examination of the EU’s external relations, making the book a perfect fit for courses on International Relations and the EU.
  • Chapters on theories, institutions, policy areas, and the EU’s relationship with selected countries ensure International Relations and the European Union is the most comprehensive text available on this subject.
  • Brings together the contributions of leading international experts.
  • Excellent pedagogical features throughout the text aid student learning.

New to this Edition:

  • A new chapter offers a detailed examination of the EU’s relationship with ‘The New Emerging Powers’ including China, India, and Russia.
  • A new chapter on ‘Energy and the Environment’ explores the possibility for EU leadership in these important policy areas.
  • All chapters have been revised to take in the latest developments affecting the EU’s external relations including the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty and the consequences of the global financial crisis.
    1.: International Relations and the European Union: Themes and Issues, Christopher Hill and Michael Smith
    2.: The European Union’s International Relations: A Theoretical View, Filippo Andreatta
    3.: The pattern of the EU’s Global Activity, Geoffrey Edwards
    4.: The Institutional framework, Sophie Vanhoonacker
    5.: Coherence, Carmen Gebhard
    6.: Legitimate and Democratic? The EU’s international role, Christopher Lord
    7.: Europeanization of Foreign Policy, Reuben Wong
    8.: Implementation: Making the EU’s international relations work, Michael E. Smith
    9.: The EU’s security and defence policy: towards a strategic approach, Jolyon Howorth
    10.: The external face of internal security, Wyn Rees
    11.: The EU and the Global Political Economy, Amy Verdun
    12.: The EU as a trade power, Sophie Meunier and Kalypso Nicolaidis
    13.: Englargment, the neighbourhood, and European order, Karen Smith
    14.: The EU and the developing world: partnership, poverty, politicisation, Maurizio Carbone
    15.: The challenge of the environment, energy, and climate, John Vogler
    16.: The European Union, the Brics and the emerging new world order, Stephen Keukeleire and Hans Bruyninckx
    17.: The EU and the United States, Michael Smith and Rebecca Steffenson
    18.: A European civilising process?, Andrew Linklater
    19.: Acting for Europe: reassessing the european union’s place in international relations, Christopher Hill and Michael Smith

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