Introduction to Belgian Law, Second Edition

Introduction to Belgian Law, Second Edition, Edited by M. Kruithof, Walter De Bondt, Wolters Kluwer International, 2017



Chapter 1 The Belgian Legal Tradition: Does It Exist?

Dirk Heirbaut

Chapter 2 Basic Features of the Belgian Legal System

Mark Van Hoecke & Sebastiaan Vandenbogaerde

Chapter 3 Constitutional Law

Francis Delpérée

Chapter 4 Administrative Law

Robert Andersen & David Renders

Chapter 5 The Judicial System and Civil Procedure

Piet Taelman & Claudia Van Severen

Chapter 6 Criminal Law

Joëlle Rozie

Chapter 7 Family Law

Patrick Senaeve

Chapter 8 Successions, Donations Inter Vivos and Wills

Christian De Wulf

 Chapter 9 Property Law

Vincent Sagaert

 Chapter 10 Contract Law

Ignace Claeys

Chapter 11 Tort Law

Marc Kruithof

Chapter 12 Commercial Law and Business Transactions

Eddy Wymeersch & Diederik Bruloot

Chapter 13 Company Law

Hans De Wulf

Chapter 14 Labour and Social Security Law

Willy van Eeckhoutte

Chapter 15 The Belgian Tax System

Miguel De Jonckheere

Chapter 16 Private International Law

Johan Erauw



This publication, now in its second completely revised and upgraded edition, is the ideal overview of Belgian law for foreign lawyers. This book identifies the basic legal sources, institutions and concepts of Belgian law. It offers an up-to-date, state of the art systematic and critical rendition of the principal branches of the law as practised, and it provides the necessary historical background and theoretical framing.

It consists of sixteen chapters, covering all major fields of Belgian law including:

  • constitutional and administrative law;
  • procedural law;
  • criminal law;
  • family law and trusts and estates;
  • property, contracts and torts;
  • commercial transactions and company law;
  • labour and social security law;
  • tax law; and
  • conflicts of laws.

Both a valuable handbook for practitioners and a comprehensive survey of Belgian law and legal institutions, this book – written for a diversified, primarily for non-Belgian readership – provides information and guidance to navigate through legal proceedings with a Belgian element. This book helps lawyers, scholars, business persons and government officials in facing and overcoming the challenges inherent in engaging with Belgium’s complex legal realities.


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