Lucie PACHO ALJANATI obtained two degrees in translation and interpreting: the first one in scientific, technical and literary translation (Instituto Superior San Bartolomé, Argentina), and the second one in legal and economic translation (Pompeu Fabra University, Spain). She specialised in Law with a double master’s degree in European Law, Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (Toulouse 1 Capitole University, France) and European Integration (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain). In 2015 she obtained a double PhD in Translation Studies (University of Geneva, Switzerland) and in International Relations and European Integration (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain) with her thesis entitled “The Court of Justice of the European Union’s Case Law on Linguistic Divergences (2007-2013): Interpretation Criteria and Implications for the Translation of EU Legislation”. It was co-supervised by Professor Fernando PRIETO RAMOS (University of Geneva) and professor Antoni MILIAN I MASSANA (Autonomous University of Barcelona). The project was funded by a scholarship from La Caixa. Lucie has extensive experience as a translator, simultaneous interpreter and EU project manager in different countries, including Argentina, England, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Working languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German.


(2016) Promoting Multilingual Consistency for the Quality of EU Law. International Journal for the Semiotics of Law – Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique. DOI: 10.1007/s11196-016-9482-9. Visited 14 November 2016,

(2012) Multilinguism in the EU: A necessary evil? Quaderns de recerca, 16. Bellaterra: Institut Universitari d’Estudis Europeus. 73 pp. Visited 20 February 2013,

(2009) Directiva comunitaria: comparación de textos (EN-ES). Bachelor dissertation, unpublished. Barcelona: Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Visited 20 February 2013,



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