Ramona Apostol, Trials and Tribulations in the Implementation of Pre-Commercial Procurement in Europe, Springer, 2017

Ramona Apostol, Trials and Tribulations in the Implementation of Pre-Commercial Procurement in Europe, Springer, 2017

This book aims to advance the understanding of pre-commercial procurement (PCP) as innovation policy instrument and as means to fulfil public needs. To this end, it places PCP within its political and legal context and elucidates its origins and its economic rationale. Based on this analysis, it suggests a clear conceptualization of PCP and a clear delineation from other innovation policy instruments. Subsequently, the book assesses the value and achievements of the more established type of PCP policy programmes, and draws lessons for improvement. In this context, it raises awareness of the remaining obstacles to its wide and effective implementation and suggests appropriate solutions ranging from policy guidance to law interpretation and legislative reform.

The text makes use of illustrative practical examples of policy-making and project implementation in various public programmes of R&D procurement.
This is a highly relevant book for academics and practitioners in the field of public procurement.

Ramona Apostol is Senior Procurement Adviser at Corvers Procurement Services B.V. in the Netherlands. She holds a Ph.D. in Law from Leiden University, the Netherlands. She has been involved in a wide range of procurement projects related to the implementation of R&D and innovation procurement and regularly acts as independent expert for the European Commission on this topic.


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