Beyond Theory Read the latest in practical legal research

Beyond Theory
Read the latest in practical legal research
Adopting Stakeholder Advisory Boards
American Business Law Journal
Relationship Closeness and Self-reported Willingness to Falsely Take the Blame
Behavioral Sciences & the Law
Impossibility of a “Reverse Racism” Effect
Criminology & Public Policy
A Survey of Beliefs and Priorities About Access to Justice of Family Law: The Search for A Multidisciplinary Perspective
Family Court Review
The Right to Be Racist in College: Racist Speech, White Institutional Space, and the First Amendment
Law & Policy
Access to the countryside: the tragedy of the House of Commons
Legal Studies
Towards a Rhizomatic Understanding of the Desistance Journey
The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice
A Dive into Deep Constitutional Waters: Article 50, the Prerogative and Parliament
The Modern Law Review
Law and Criminology Essential Reading
Find out what your colleagues are reading in Law and Criminology. Our essential reading list pulls together the most read articles from 2016, with free access until the end of March 2017. Read here
Police Shootings: Studies from Wiley journals

A Bird’s Eye View of Civilians Killed by Police in 2015
Criminology and Public Policy analyzed 990 police fatal shootings using data compiled in The Washington Post in 2015, to create this article on evidence of implicit bias.

Forcible stops: Police and Citizens Speak Out
A recent federal district court decision found that the NYPD engaged in unconstitutional policing. Read this new article from Public Administration Review, which uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to investigate inequities.

NEW! Special issue from American Business Law Journal
This special issue features timely pieces that inform and inspire discussion. Readers of this special issue are invited to uncover key research: from an examination of Puerto Rico’s debt dilemma, to an examination of the Trans-Pacific Partnership provisions on amicus curiae intervention. Read here
Honoring Families Initiative Family Law Summit
The latest special issue from Family Court Review focuses on themes brought to light at the November 2015 Family Bar Summit: Shaping the System for the Families We Serve. Each article expands upon a point or recommendation made in “The Family Law Bar” report, providing FCR readers with unique insight into attendees’ perception of key Summit suggestions. Read online
The European Court of Human Rights, Amicus Curiae, and Violence against Women
This article from Law & Society Review theorizes the interaction between advocacy groups and the European Court of Human Rights and the role this participation plays in the enforcement and development of human rights. Discover online
Recommended Reading
The Criminology of Terrorism The Handbook of the Criminology of Terrorism
Edited by Gary LaFree and Joshua D. FreilichThe Handbook of the Criminology of Terrorism features a collection of essays that represent the most recent criminological research relating to the origins and evolution of, along with responses to, terrorism, from a criminological perspective. Preview

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