The Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, Volume 5 Issue 1

The Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, Volume 5 Issue 1


The most recent Issue of the JAE is now available online and in print.

The issue features the following articles:


  • James C. Cooper ‘Antitrust liability for licensing boards after North Carolina Dental: antitrust preemption as a penalty default?’


  • Bruce Wardhaugh ‘Punishing parents for the sins of their child: extending EU competition liability in groups and to subcontractors’


  • Ariel Ezrachi ‘Sponge’


  • Thomas K. Cheng ‘The PRC NDRC case against Qualcomm: a misguided venture or justified enforcement of competition law?’


  • Gönenç Gürkaynak; Öznur İnanılır; Sinan Diniz; Ayşe Gizem Yaşar ‘Multisided markets and the challenge of incorporating multisided considerations into competition law analysis’


  • Isabel Taylor ‘Application of the State aid rules to the creation of development banks: is there scope for simplification?’


  • Mary Catherine Lucey ‘So-called ‘soft law’ attempts to achieve convergent public enforcement tools: identifying the Achilles’ heel of the economic adjustment programmes in Ireland’



To access the issue, log onto:


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