15th AUAP Learning and Sharing Forum

It is a great honor and pleasure for us to invite you to join the upcoming EXTRAORDINARY INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE co-organized by theAssociation of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and Danubius University of Galati, Romania:

The 15th AUAP Learning and Sharing Forum, to be held at Danubius University, Romania on May 19-22, 2017.

http://conferences.univ-danubius.ro/trimitemail/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/2-1024x830.jpg                                           http://conferences.univ-danubius.ro/trimitemail/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/AUAP-logo.png

Please block off this event in your calendar.
The tentative programme and registration procedures.

This event will enable you to achieve the following:
1.      Meet about 100 university presidents from universities not only in Asia and the Pacific but also from other regions of the world.
2.      On May 20, we will organize a special session so that institutions willing to sign collaborative  agreements with other institutions can do this. This is an opportunity for you to expand your professional network.
3.      Attend the 15th AUAP Learning and Sharing Forum, which the topic is “Enhancing an Effective Student Mobility Programme For Asia-Pacific and European Universities.
The theme of this forum will focus on ways of developing effective mobility programme for both European and Asian universities so that there will be a two-way flow of students and faculty between these two regions of the world.
Keynote speakers from USA, Thailand, Japan, and Mexico have  been invited.  This will be followed by panel discussions to be leaded by prominent personalities coming from different regions of Asia and the Pacific, and other regions of the world also.
4.      Attend this „Two in One” event taking place at Danubius University of Galati, Romania.  Do not miss this opportunity to network with so many fellow presidents in one place!

We are looking forward to extending to you and your friends the traditional Romanian hospitality as well as welcoming you to Danubius University of Galati, Romania.


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