Call for papers – Conference on the External dimension of EU agencies and bodies, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 27-28 June 2017

EU Jean Monnet Network
Call for papers – Conference on the External dimension of EU agencies and bodies
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 27-28 June 2017
The Academic Research Network on Agencification of EU Executive Governance (TARN) promotes multi- and interdisciplinary research about the agencification of EU executive governance in dialogue between academia and practitioners.
In this context the University of Luxembourg organizes a TARN conference on 27-28 June 2017 on the external dimension of EU agencies and bodies, looking at activities of EU agencies reaching beyond the borders of the EU and discussing matters of control and supervision in these dimensions.
For this two-day conference TARN is welcoming the submission of papers that address the international and external dimension of EU agencies and bodies.
Contributions are welcomed in a broad spectrum of questions related to the external dimension of agencies, for example in fields such as: EU agencies’ relations to international organizations and regulatory bodies in non-member states; EU agencies acting on behalf of EU Member States; regulatory cooperation through agencies; the participation of EU agencies in international standard setting and the importation of these standards into EU law; information cooperation and information exchange with foreign agencies; questions relating as to how the reinforced international role EU agencies affects internal functions and modes of accountability.
As TARN promotes multi- and interdisciplinary research, it invites submissions from disciplines including legal, political and social sciences and public administration.
Practical information:
Please send a 200-500 words abstract of your paper together with a short CV to
Deadline for the call: 3 April 2017.

Authors will be notified of decisions no later than 20 April 2017. If your abstract is selected, a full paper will be due by 1 June 2017.

Covered expenses: travel and hotel costs (with a maximum limit).

Academic conference committee:
Prof. H. Hofmann, University of Luxembourg
Prof. E. Vos, Maastricht University
Prof. M. Egeberg, ARENA, University of Oslo
Dr. M. Chamon, Ghent University


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