– news January 2017


We are delighted to announce the relaunch of the PLAN website! Hence we are also resuming our monthly newsletters, which makes for a bright and promising start of 2017!

In the process of rebuilding our website, the archive relating to past news and events items has unfortunately been partially lost. However, we have been able to retrieve the information about the members’ profiles. Taking into account these amount to more than a thousand currently, we kindly ask you to bear with us whilst we upload them manually one by one. They will all go live at the same time. Both the institutional membership and the research projects pages have already been updated.

Please keep feeding us your news items and events, and we will publish them online as well as feature them in our monthly newsletter.


In this month’s newsletter we would like to bring to your attention six news items, which have been submitted to the PLAN website recently, as well as a forthcoming event also listed on our website.





Bookings for the international conference “Public Procurement: Global Revolution VIII” on 12-13 June 2017 are now open (PPRG, University of Nottingham, UK)

For more information, please click here

University of Nottingham (PPRG) Masters/Diploma/Certificate in Public Procurement Law and Policy (by distance learning): announcement on Brexit

For more information, please click here

Out soon: “Public Procurement and Multilateral Development Banks” by Sope Williams-Elegbe

For more information, please click here

“Public Procurement International”: a blog by Christopher R. Yukins

For more information, please click here

New publication on urbanisation works: between competition law and planning powers (by Valentina Gastaldo)

For more information, please click here

New Postgraduate Diploma/Masters in Public Procurement Regulation in the EU and in its Global Context

For more information, please click here



International Conference “Public Procurement: Global Revolution VIII”

(University of Nottingham, UK – 12th & 13th June 2017)

For more information, please click here

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