Isué Natalia Vargas-Brand, ‘Uniform Rules for European Contract Law? A Critical Assessment

Isué Natalia Vargas-Brand, ‘‘Uniform Rules for European Contract Law? A Critical Assessment’’ (2016) 24 European Review of Private Law, Issue 6, pp. 1245–1250


The international conference ‘Uniform rules for European Contract Law? A critical assessment’ was organized by the IE University and IE Center for European Studies under the direction of Prof. Francisco de Elizalde on 23 and 24 June 2016. A group of leading academics in this field ‒ coming from different countries and legal cultures ‒ attended a conference in Segovia (Spain), on the occasion of the 30 anniversary of Spain’s incorporation into the European Economic Community (EEC)/European Union (EU), to discuss and analysed the current need for uniform rules in European Contract Law.



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