Andraž Zidar, Jean-Pierre Gauci (eds), The Role of Legal Advisers in International Law, BRILL, 2016

Andraž Zidar,  Jean-Pierre Gauci (eds), The Role of Legal Advisers in International Law, BRILL, 2016

Table of contents

About BIICL; Preface by Dame Rosalyn Higgins; Authors’ Biographies;
1 Zidar and Gauci Introduction: Legal Advisers as the Visible College of International Lawyers
Part 1: United Kingdom
2 Anderson: The Functions of the Legal Adviser: Advising, Negotiating, Litigating
3 Macleod: The FCO’s Legal Advisers and Contemporary Challenges
4 Gladstone: The Legal Adviser and International Disputes: Preparing to Commence or Defend Litigation or Arbitration
Part 2: Comparative perspectives
5 Wood: Legal Advisers
6 Kingston: Organisation and Context for the Work of the Legal Adviser: The Legal Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland
7 Gutiérrez Ruiz: The Experience of Legal Advisers in Costa Rica: A Case for Peaceful International Law
8 McCosker: The Intersecting Professions of the International Law Adviser and Diplomat in a Rising Asia: Australia, India and Malaysia
9 Kita: The Legal Advice System of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of JAPAN: Between Legal Advisers and Foreign Policy Makers
10 Valek: The Different Roles of the Czech Legal Adviser: From a Watchdog to a Headhunter
Part 3: Personal reflections
11 Tladi: Reflection on Advising the South African Government on International Law
12 Alabrune: The Case of the Legal Advisor to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
13 Rohnquist: The Role of Legal Advisers in International Law: The Swedish Experience
14 Corell: Personal Reflections on the Role of the Legal Adviser: Between Law and Politics, Authority and Influence
Part 4: Functional developments
15 Gussetti: Legal Advisers and the European Union: A new Perspective to Cooperation in International Law
16 Hill: The Role of NATO’s Legal Adviser
17 Hughes: The Role of the Legal Adviser in the World Trade Organization
18 Quayle: Legal Advisers and International Organisations: The Convergence of Interior and Exterior Legal Obligations
Part 5: Professional requirements
19 Purdasy: The Competency-based Legal Adviser
20 Koh: The Legal Adviser’s Duty to Explain
21 Zidar: Legal Advisers and Professional Ethics
Part 6: Evolving fields
22 Koskenniemi: The Place of Law and the Role of Legal Advisers in Collective Security
23 Kuhn & Berger: Legal Advisers in the Armed Forces
24 Donatantonio: The Monitoring, Mentoring and Advising Role Exercised by International or Rule of Law Missions in the Prosecutorial Area
Concluding part
25 Gauci&Jones: Conference Report
26 Berman: Conclusion

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