European Company Law Online: the ideal working tool for all corporate lawyers with a European practice

We thought you would be interested in European Company Law Online, by main editor Professor Steef Bartman, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

European Company Law Online

Main Editor: Professor Steef Bartman, Leiden University, The Netherlands

European Company Law has been designed to be the ideal working tool for all corporate lawyers with a European practice. You’ll find it a time saving way of keeping-up-to-date with all the issues affecting European company law.

ECL’s Editorial Board, advised by partners from large European law firms, has a thorough understanding of the needs of the legal practitioner. For your convenience all articles have been written to follow ECL’s SCIP principle: Scientific, Concise, Informative and Practical. Also, to aid your research, many articles include hyperlinks to websites where more information about the topic can be downloaded.

As a subscriber you will enjoy:

  • Authoritative articles providing you with analysis of the latest issues affecting European company and securities law
  • Time saving country reports, written by leading academics you can depend on, offering you an at-a-glance overview of recent and forthcoming developments in major European jurisdictions
  • A quick and easy to use reference of cases and legislation, ensuring that you are up-to-date with EU legislation and ECJ cases

Benefits of the online subscription

  • Quick search through all Journals or a selected title
  • ‘Edit’ tool to refine your search
  • Advanced Search across chosen titles
  • Discovery of Journal articles optimized for Google Scholar
  • Full archives available for all journals
  • Abstracts per article
  • Online issues available before the print
  • EZProxy Access: allows your remote users to access Kluwer Law Online wherever they may be

Related titles:

  • Boards of Directors in European Companies. Reshaping and Harmonising their Organisation and Duties
    Edited by Karsten Sorensen, Hanne Birkmose, Mette NevilleDrawing attention first to duties of directors and then to the organisation of the board, this appropriately timed analysis takes stock of the status of the initiatives that have been debated so far, examines whether the rules which have been adopted form a coherent system, and suggests ways in which these initiatives affect national law.
  • Chinese Company and Securities Law, Second Edition
    By Chengwei LiuChinese Company and Securities Law is a detailed, systematic explanation – by a practising lawyer with over ten years’ experience at one of the top law firms in China – on the rules and procedures affecting FDI, M&As, and listings in China today.

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