The European Union’s External Action in Times of Crisis, Edited by Piet Eeckhout and Manuel Lopez-Escudero, Hart Publishing, 2016

The European Union’s External Action in Times of Crisis, Edited by Piet Eeckhout and Manuel Lopez-Escudero, Hart Publishing, 2016

The Lisbon Treaty modified the legal framework of EU external action and these innovations must be applied in a period of deep economic and financial crisis interacting with other more specific crises affecting the EU’s external activities. This volume investigates the recent institutional and substantive developments in EU external relations law and practice in this context of multiple crises for the EU. The economic and financial crisis has a major impact on EU external action, but other crises too affect this sensitive area of the EU’s activity and the book takes them into account. For instance, there is a crisis in the relationship between EU law and international law after the ECJ judgement in the Kadi case. In addition to exploring these questions, the volume also examines questions of legitimacy in fields such as foreign investment protection and arbitration. Representing the output of a powerful research team composed of leading scholars in the field this comprehensive collection will appeal to both an expert and non-expert readership.

Piet Eeckhout is Professor of EU Law, University College London.

Manuel Lopez-Escudero is Professor of EU Law and Public International Law, University of Granada.

Table Of Contents

Part I: Introduction
Piet Eeckhout and Manuel López-Escudero
Part II: The EU Institutional System for External Action at Work
1. The Reluctant (Lisbon) Treaty and Its Implementation in the Practice of the Council
Ricardo Gosalbo-Bono and Frederik Naert
2. The External Powers of the European Parliament
Ricardo Passos
3. The Court of Justice and External Competences After Lisbon: Some Reflections on the Latest Case Law
Fernando Castillo de la Torre
Part III: International Law as Law of the EU
4. The Integration of Public International Law in EU Law: Analytical and Normative Questions
Piet Eeckhout
5. Customary International Law and the European Union from the Perspective of Article 3(5) TEU
Eleftheria Neframi
6. The Legal Status and Influence of Decisions of International Organisations and Other Bodies in the European Union
Ramses A Wessel and Steven Blockmans
7. The Relationship of the Member States’ International Agreements with the EU
Javier Roldán Barbero
8. The Contribution of the EU to the Development of Customary Norms in the Field of Human Rights Protection
José Rafael Marín Aís
Part IV: Membership, Representation and Performance of the European Union in International Organisations
9. Brussels Meets Westphalia: The European Union and the United Nations
Jan Wouters and Anna-Luise Chané
10. The Consistency of the European Union’s Human Rights Policy at the United Nations
Carmela Pérez Bernárdez
11. The European Union in the International Monetary and Financial System
Dominique Carreau
12. EU-IMF Relations: The Long Way to a Single EU Chair in the IMF
Manuel López-Escudero
Part V: Substantive Areas of the EU External Action
13. The Transformation of the EU Common Commercial Policy
Christine Kaddous
14. The European Union Facing Investment Arbitration
Javier Diez-Hochleitner
15. From External Policy to Free Trade: The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
Antonio Segura Serrano
16. The External Dimension of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: An Essential Part of the European Union’s External Action
José Martín y Pérez de Nanclares
17. The EU Antiterrorist Sanctions
Enzo Cannizzaro
18. The European Union’s Arms Trade Control and European Civil Society
Inmaculada Marrero Rocha

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