LCII Conference: „Virtual Competition”, Brussels, December 1, 2016

LCII Morning Briefing – Virtual Competition

 LCII Morning Briefing

Virtual Competition

Brussels, December 1, 2016

The Liege Competition and Innovation Institute is pleased to invite you to its next Morning Briefing on „Virtual Competition”.

While consumers reap many benefits from online purchasing,
the sophisticated algorithms and data-crunching that make browsing so convenient are also changing the nature of market competition, and not always for the better. In markets continually manipulated by bots and algorithms, is competitive pricing an illusion?

Virtual Competition raises timely questions, amongst which computers colluding, consumer profile-tracking, behavioral discrimination and the impact of sales of personal data on competition.

Ariel Ezrachi
Professor of Law, University of Oxford
Ashwin Ittoo
Professsor, HEC Management School, Univeristy of Liege
Cyril Ritter
Case officer, DG Competition, EU Commission
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