Journal of International Arbitration, vol. 33, nr. 4-1/2016

Editorial, Maxi Scherer, Johannes Koepp, Issue 4/1, pp. 425–427 BUY
How Brexit Will Happen: A Brief Primer on European Union Law and Constitutional Law Questions Raised by Brexit, Holger Hestermeyer, Issue 4/1, pp. 429–450 BUY
An Unamicable Separation: Brexit Consequences for London as a Premier Seat of International Dispute Resolution in Europe, Michael McIlwrath, Issue 4/1, pp. 451–462 BUY
Brexit’s Chilling Effect on Choice of Law and Arbitration in the United Kingdom: Practical Reflections Between Aggravation and Alleviation, Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab, Issue 4/1, pp. 463–481 BUY
What Does Brexit Mean for the Brussels Regime?, Sara Masters, Belinda McRae, Issue 4/1, pp. 483–499 BUY
Anti-Suit Injunctions in Support of London Seated Arbitrations Post-Brexit: Are All Things New Just Well-Forgotten Past?, Kate Davies, Valeriya Kirsey, Issue 4/1, pp. 501–519 BUY
Impact of Brexit on UK Competition Litigation and Arbitration, Richard Kreindler, Paul Gilbert, Ricardo Zimbron, Issue 4/1, pp. 521–540 BUY
Brexit and the Future of Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitration, Annet van Hooft, Issue 4/1, pp. 541–564 BUY
Possible Ramifications of the UK’s EU Referendum on Intra- and Extra-EU BITs, Markus Burgstaller, Agnieszka Zarowna, Issue 4/1, pp. 565–575


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