Richard Hart joins Intersentia as non-executive Director

Richard Hart joins Intersentia as non-executive Director

In light of the continuing success of Intersentia’s UK office we are delighted to announce further growth in 2016:

On 1 September Richard Hart (founder of Hart Publishing) joined Intersentia as non-executive director. Richard says: ‘I have known Intersentia for many years, and I have always liked and admired their way of doing things. When Hans Kluwer first asked if I would like to become involved in shaping their publishing business in the UK I was surprised but intrigued. After a couple of conversations it became clear that it would be fun working with Intersentia, and that our philosophies are closely aligned. I am therefore looking forward to my new role.

Richard will work closely together with Ann-Christin Maak-Scherpe (publisher and general manager of Intersentia’s UK office), advising on all aspects of Intersentia’s English publishing strategy. Ann-Christin says: ‘On a personal and professional level I am very much looking forward to developing and growing Intersentia’s English language portfolio with such an experienced, successful and charismatic publisher as Richard. I am proud that he has chosen to join Intersentia as it shows that our commitment to quality in both our books and our author services has been noticed. I have no doubt that our collaboration will take Intersentia to the next level’.

His joining of the company follows the expansion of the UK team earlier this year, with Mel Hamill bringing great experience to the editorial team and Jaspyr Geddes-Rainbow reinforcing sales and marketing.

On the subject of all these developments Intersentia’s founder and executive director Hans Kluwer comments: ‘I am convinced that not only Intersentia UK but Intersentia as a whole, will benefit from Richard Hart’s vast publishing experience. Although new technological developments are reshaping the publishing business, it still remains a business with people – authors and readers alike – at its heart.’

Richard Hart can be reached via email:


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