Eveline Ramaekers, Article 50 TEU: starting the clock on Brexit, MEPLI BLOG

Eveline Ramaekers, Article 50 TEU: starting the clock on Brexit, MEPLI BLOG

I have lived and worked in the UK for four and a half years. During that time, I have sadly seen the country go from bad to worse. The closure of the Children’s Centres, which provide crucial support for young parents, and the utter unaffordability of housing – we’re talking £ 800,000 for a three bedroom terraced house with single glasing and poor heating and insulation in a country that isn’t exactly known for its mediterranean climate – were just two of several reasons why I have decided to move back to the Netherlands with my family this summer. The outcome of the EU referendum last Thursday was the final nail to the coffin. The referendum stands to harm the other Member States’ economies and political stability (to the extend we still had any left), but many of the reasons underlying the Leave voters’ choice are also personally hurtful to us EU migrants who have lived here for years, paid our taxes, spent our money in the British economy, speak perfect English and immensely enjoy our fish and chips, our full English breakfast, and our Pimm’s. I therefore feel compelled to point out an aspect of EU law which may take control over ‘what next’ out of British hands.


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