Sara Drake, Melanie Smith, New Directions in the Effective Enforcement of EU Law and Policy, Intersentia, 2016

Sara Drake, Melanie Smith, New Directions in the Effective Enforcement of EU Law and Policy, Intersentia, 2016

The EU is faced with the perpetual challenge of guaranteeing effective enforcement of its law and policies. This book brings together leading EU scholars in law, politics and regulation, to explore the wealth of new legal and regulatory strategies, practices, and actors that are emerging to complement the classic avenues of central and decentralized enforcement.

The contributors evaluate the traditional ‘dual vigilance’ framework of enforcement before examining network(ed) enforcement from theoretical, empirical and legal perspectives. They assess innovations in key EU policy fields such as the environment, consumer protection, competition, freedom, security and justice, and economic governance.

This multi-disciplinary book will be of use to students and academics in law, political science, regulation and public policy. It will also interest policy-makers in EU institutions, national administrations and courts engaged in the implementation and enforcement of EU law and policy.



Introduction by Melanie Smith and Sara Drake

1. More Effective Private Enforcement of EU Law Post-Lisbon: Aligning Regulatory Goals and Constitutional Values
Sara Drake

2. The Visible, the Invisible and the Impenetrable: Innovations or Rebranding in Centralised Enforcement of EU Law?
Melanie Smith

3. The Long, But Promising, Road from Deterrence to Networked Enforcement
Jeroen Van Der Heijden

4. The Virtues of Interdependence and Informality: An Analysis of the Role of Transnational Networks in the Implementation of EU Directives
Josine Polak and Esther Versluis

5. The SOLVIT Network and the Effective Enforcement of EU Law. What is New?
Micaela Lottini

6. The Effectiveness of Transgovernmental Networks: Managing the Practical Application of European Integration in the Case of SOLVIT
Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen and Mogens Hobolth

7. Enforcing EU Environmental Policy Effectively: International Influences, Current Barriers and Possible Solutions
Mariolina Eliantonio

8. Enforcing EU Consumer Policy More Effectively: A Three-Pronged Approach
Pablo Cortés

9. Effective Private Enforcement of EU Competition Law: An Input and Output Legitimacy Analysis of Collective Redress
Carlo Petrucci

10. A Case of „Nested Enforcement”: Article 83 (2) TFEU, Compliance and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Post-Lisbon
Estella Baker

11. The Effective Enforcement of Economic Governance in the European Union: Brave New World or a False Dawn?
Ryan Murphy

Conclusions by Melanie Smith and Sara Drake



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