GERMAN LAW JOURNAL: Special Brexit Supplement

The German Law Journal is pleased to announce the publication of a special Brexit Supplement.
It has been a week since we awoke to the distressing news that the “Leave” campaign had narrowly prevailed in the U.K.’s Brexit referendum.  The immediate consequences of this shocking outcome have been deeply troubling, including:  a crisis of confidence in the European Union; a constitutional and governance crisis in the United Kingdom; a secession crisis in the Kingdom’s north; a simmering crisis of inter-generational tension; and a crisis of volatility and uncertainty in the markets.
Because the German Law Journal and our readers are so invested in this unfolding, epochal drama, we resolved to take the extraordinary step of working urgently to collect a series of essays and comments for immediate publication in reaction to last week’s stunning vote.  The result, which we offer to you now as a special Brexit Supplement to our ordinary publication schedule, testifies to the importance of this moment and to the passion of the German Law Journal community.  Among these nearly two-dozen contributions you will find authors from the farthest corners of the world, representing a wide range of scholarly seniority, expressing a broad spectrum of views and academic approaches.  The contributions are smart and pointed and provocative, just as you might expect from the German Law Journal.  But more than this, they represent a common commitment to act – even if only with our pens – where we see that developments in law and politics would make our silence a disquieting omission.
We know that this is a fast moving story and that we are only seeing the first steps in this uncharted territory.  Still, we think the voices and themes and positions so competently expressed in this collection will come to play a continuing role in the ensuing, long-term academic and political debates.  Of course, we encourage our readers to continue to research and write on the agenda that begins to take shape in these reaction pieces.  Please send us your deeper, thoroughly researched work forpossible publication in the German Law Journal.
As ever, we wish you happy reading.
Russell Miller
Editor-in-Chief, German Law

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