European Journal of Social Security, volume 18, number 2, June 2016

 European Journal of Social Securityvolume 18 | number 2 | June 2016

EU Citizenship, Free Movement and Residence-based Social Security Schemes,
Special Issue edited by Thomas Erhag


Overview of the Special Issue
Thomas Erhag

National Welfare Systems, Residency Requirements and EU Law: Some Brief Comments
Michael Dougan

The Response of Residence-based Schemes in the Netherlands to Cross-Border Movement
Frans Pennings

Demagnetisation of Social Security and Health Care for Migrants to the UK
Neville Harris

Independent Choices and Extrinsic Pressure: EU Membership and the Development of Residence-based Social Security Schemes in Finland
Toomas Kotkas

From Negligence to Resistance: Danish Welfare in the Light of Free-movement Law
Catherine Jacqueson

Under Pressure? – Swedish Residence-based Social Security and EU Citizenship
Thomas Erhag

To Reside: to live, be present, belong
Sara Stendahl

The Young and Elderly at Risk
ISSN 1388-2627
Published quarterly

The European Journal of Social Security (EJSS) is a highly respected, peer-reviewed journal, which is aimed at academics, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners who are interested in social security in Europe.

EJSS is primarily concerned with developments in social security at the EU level and, on a comparative basis, with developments in different European countries. It adopts a broad definition of social security and, in addition to articles on different forms of income maintenance, it includes articles on demography, inequality, poverty, disability, health and social care, employment, migration, taxation and public expenditure.
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