JAMES KANTER, Costly Compromises Stir Fury With the European Union

JAMES KANTER, Costly Compromises Stir Fury With the European Union, N Y Times, 2016

BRUSSELS — To the sort of dysfunction that provokes frustration with the European Union, add its highest appeals court.

When member states could not agree on the hiring process for new judges to deal with a backlog of cases, they simply gave one to each of the 28 countries in the bloc. They originally planned for just nine, wary of the ballooning bill.

This unwieldy club of nations — and such costly compromises — are a constant flash point in the debate over the European project. As Britain heads to the polls on Thursday over whether to leave the European Union, many supporters of the so-called Brexit consider Brussels a bloated bureaucracy that sucks funds and resources.

They have a point, at least in some examples. While the group of nations professes mutual support, it is often hobbled by a lack of consensus that leads to dubious decisions.



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