Zhimin Chen, China, the European Union and the Fragile World Order

Zhimin Chen, China, the European Union and the Fragile World Order, JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies Volume 54, Issue 4, pages 775–792, July 2016



The EU (European Union) and China are the two arguably most unusual powers in today’s world: the EU as the most integrated regional association of states and China as the largest developing great power. As the post-Cold War American-led liberal world order is facing challenges from forces unleashed by the power transition and power diffusion in the international system, this article will look into the order-shaping roles of the EU and China, to identify their respective visions of a desirable world order and to conceptualize how the EU and China can make themselves ‘building blocks’ of a working world order through parallel, complementary and concerted order-shaping.



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