Brussels 18th April 2016

April marks the formal incorporation of the Impact Assessment Institute as a foundation.  The Institute started publicly scrutinising EU policy proposals in December 2015.  Now it has the institutional basis to expand its contribution to the stakeholder community, supporting robust evidence for EU policy and legislation.  A launch reception takes place on 27th April 2016. 

Since the launch of its activities in December, the Impact Assessment Institute (IAI) has published three studies on key EU policies in the domain of climate, energy and transport.  The findings show that significant improvements are needed in the evidence-base for EU decision-making in this policy area.  Further studies are currently being prepared, on Renewable Energy and the Circular Economy.

As it expands its staff and resources, the IAI will address all areas of policy for which evidence is gathered and Impact Assessments are compiled.  Its scrutiny covers all stages of the legislative process, from ex-post evaluations and REFIT to the Impact Assessment stage, the adoption of legislative proposals and accompanying amendments presented by the co-legislators, and ending on the level of Delegated and Implementing Acts.

Chairman and Managing Director Simon Godwin stated, “After thorough planning, we are very pleased that the Institute is now fully established and has gained recognition from stakeholders as a valuable asset to the EU policy development process”.  Vice-Chairman and Director Erik Akse added, “’The IAI started operating in December last year and has proven that impartial analysis of policy making fills an important gap in the decision-making framework that the EU institutions have not effectively addressed.”

In order to establish its sustainability alongside its impartiality, the IAI is now starting a funding drive by reaching out to a broad array of stakeholders.  Organisations and individuals who support the objectives of the Institute are encouraged to become donors or sponsors in order to help ensure that Better Regulation turns into reality for Europe.

The Institute marks its incorporation with a reception from 18:00 on 27th April in Brussels.  Invitations will be sent out soon.

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