European Public Law, 1/2016

‘Life as Human Rights Court: Challenges and Developments in the EU Courts Activity in 2014’, Silvia Bartolini, Andrea Biondi, Issue 1, pp. 3–23
‘Administrative Law Developments in Post-Communist Slovenia: Between West European Ideals and East European RealityAdministrative Law Developments in Post-Communist Slovenia: Between West European Ideals and East European Reality’, Bojan Bugaric, Issue 1, pp. 25–48
‘Leaving the EU? The Legal Impact of ‘Brexit’ on the United Kingdom’, Graham Gee, Luca Rubini, Martin Trybus, Issue 1, pp. 51–56
‘Leaving the EU?’, Sir Stephen Wall, Issue 1, pp. 57–67
‘Life on the Edge: EFTA and the EEA as a Future for the UK in Europe’, Ciarán Burke, Ólafur Ísberg Hannesson, Kristin Bangsund, Issue 1, pp. 69–96
‘From EU Citizens to Third Country Nationals: The Legacy of Polydor‘, Marja-Liisa Öberg, Issue 1, pp. 97–114
‘EU Withdrawal: Good Business for British Business?’, Adam Łazowski, Issue 1, pp. 115–129
‘Regaining Sovereignty? Brexit, the UK Parliament and the Common Law’, Graham Gee, Alison L. Young, Issue 1, pp. 131–147
‘The Judiciary’s Self-Determination, the Common Law and Constitutional Change’, Sophie Boyron, Issue 1, pp. 149–168
‘Book Review: Comparative Reasoning in European Supreme Courts, by Michal Bobek. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013)’, Michèle Finck, Issue 1, pp. 171–173
‘Book Review: EU Law in Judicial Review, by Richard Gordon QC & Rowena Moffatt. Second Edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014)’, Sim Haket, Issue 1, pp. 173–177
‘Book Review: The Sub-national Dimension of the EU: A Legal Study of Multilevel Governance, by Carlo Panara. (Heidelberg: Springer, 2015)’, Stefano Villamena, Issue 1, pp. 178–184

European Public Law, 1/2016


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