ERA: Double Prosecution and Conflicts of Jurisdiction in Cross-border Criminal Proceedings


A practical training to the legal framework, case law, and institutional support of the EU

Trier, 12-13 May 2016
>> Further information and online registration
175 € special price for Judges and Prosecutors from EU Member States 

This seminar will explain the concept of ne bis in idem in criminal proceedings as currently defined by the EU and discuss its practical consequences for criminal law practitioners. Furthermore, the status quo regarding conflicts of jurisdiction in cross-border cases is presented and the practical consequences discussed.

Key topics

Same act, enforced penalty, composed penalties, judicial decisions

  • Defining the principle of ne bis in idem under Art. 54 of the SchengenConvention and Art. 50 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU
  • The recent case law of the Court of Justice of the EU: Spasic (C129/14 PPU);M. (C-398-12); etc.
  • Ne bis in idem and prosecutorial independence

Conflicts of jurisdiction

  • Identifying parallel investigations in the EU
  • Positive and negative conflicts of jurisdiction
  • Pros and cons of the EU’s legal framework for conflicts of jurisdiction
  • Special regulations for extradition, the European Arrest Warrant, and the European Investigation Order
  • Transfer of criminal proceedings
  • The need for an initiative from the EU legislator

 Language: English
Organiser: ERA (Cornelia Riehle)
 Event number: 316D63


David J. Dickson, Solicitor Advocate, National Expert on Human Rights, Mutual Recognition and Extradition, Crown Office, EJN Contact Point, Edinburgh

Hans-Holger Herrnfeld, Special Advisor on the EPPO to DG Criminal Law, German Federal Ministry of Justice, Berlin

Helgard van Huellen, Victims Support Europe, Brussels

Katalin Ligeti, Professor of European and International Criminal Law, University of Luxembourg

Holger Matt, Professor, Defence Counsel, Chair of the ECBA, Frankfurt

Michael Rothärmel, former seconded National Expert to the National Member for Germany, Eurojust, The Hague; Federal Ministry of Justice, Berlin

Olivier Tell, Head of Unit, Procedural Criminal Law, DG for Justice and Consumers, European Commission, Brussels

John Vervaele, Professor in economic and European criminal law, Utrecht; Professor in European criminal law, College of Europe, Bruges

Anne Weyembergh, Professor, Free University of Brussels


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