Alice Cunha, Marta Silva, Rui Frederico (eds.) The Borders of Schengen

Alice Cunha, Marta Silva, Rui  Frederico (eds.) The Borders of Schengen, Peter Lang, 2015

Table of Contents

EXTRACT Schengen: removing borders while building fences? Introduction

Book synopsis

Currently, we are witnessing a «border game» with participants on a global scale. The massive movement of illegal immigrants and refugees who have arrived in Europe over the last few months has led political leaders, activists’ movements and anonymous citizens to rethink practices and discourses. The media have multiplied news stories about mobilization initiatives that go well beyond the sphere of the state and even operate on the fringes of the law. Nationalism and identity issues have found their way onto the EU and its member-states’ agenda while the international community argues about the urgency to collaborate to address one of the greatest problems seen in Europe since the Second World War. Schengen borders have been suffering reconfigurations on an almost daily basis and Schengen has even been temporarily suspended in some countries, with the ghost of the end of the Union hovering over Europe.
The series of multidisciplinary texts collected in this book offer the reader a variety of perspectives on the understanding of the Schengen area. Broadly speaking, this volume includes reflections on subjects that embrace the debates on the concept and practices of the free movement of persons within Europe, the security dimension of the European Union, illegal immigration and migration management, human rights and the role of various players and interests.
This is the book to read if you wish to understand the latest developments in the Schengen area on its 30thanniversary.


Contents: Alice Cunha/Marta Silva/Rui Frederico: Schengen: Removing borders while building fences? Introduction – Carlos Coelho: Schengen: people, borders and mobility – Cristina Blanco Sío-López: Dialogues beyond the «fortress Europe»: Tracing back the genesis and evolution of the «free circulation of persons» concept through EP Schengen Area debates, 1985-2015 – Ana Isabel Xavier: The EU’s security actorness and the area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Assessing the external dimension of the internal rationale – Simone Paoli: The role of Schengen in the Europeanization of the migration policy: The Italian case – Nicolae Păun/Adrian-Gabriel Corpădean: Romaniaʼs Schengen accession bid: a sinuous path – Leila Giannetto: The Charter of Lampedusa: Organised civil society in the EU multi-level system of governance – Octávio Sacramento: Schengen and the security obsession: Selective citizenship, exclusion and the ironies of control – Burcu Toğral Koca: Changing Dynamics of «Migration Management»: The «Border» between the EU and Africa – Alejandra Germán Doldán: Respect for fundamental rights at the door of fortress Europe: The particular situation of Ceuta and Melilla in the Schengen Area – Lucía Payero López: Immigration policy within «Fortress Europe»: The legalisation of «hot returns» in Spain – Francesca Esposito/José Ornelas/Caterina Arcidiacono: Migration-related detention: A focus on the Italian context.

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