Jens M. Scherpe (ed), European Family Law, Edward Elgar, 2016

Jens M. Scherpe (ed), European Family Law, Edward Elgar, 2016

This definitive work, published in four-volumes, maps the emerging European family law.

The chapters draw on a wide range of topics, such as: marriage, divorce, cohabitation, same-sex relationships, the financial consequence of divorce, adoption, parentage and surrogacy, parental responsibility, the child’s welfare, and law concerning older people. Through its stimulating comparative analysis and comprehensive coverage of the topic, this set of books is intended to serve as a major resource for all scholars, practitioners and students interested in family law.

Volume I: The Impact of Institutions and Organisations on European Family Law
Volume II: The Changing Concept of ‘Family’ and Challenges for Domestic Family Law
Volume III: Family Law in a European Perspective
Volume IV: The Present and Future of European Family Law


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