Conference Focusing upon Constitutional Values in the Changing World, November 16-17, 2016

Every two years the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia (UL) organises a scientific event, which is significant not only in the Latvia, but also in the context of the Baltic region and even Eastern Europe.

VI International Scientific Conference of UL Faculty of Law “Constitutional Values in Contemporary Legal Space” will be held on November 16-17, 2016, gathering outstanding representatives of legal thought and science from numerous European Union member states, partner institutions and organisations of the University of Latvia.

The working languages of the conference will be Latvian and English, simultaneous interpretation will be provided. A collection of articles will be published in the framework of the conference; papers will be submited to the EBSCO Research database.

VI International Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia is dedicated to constitutional values. Contemporary challenges to the democratic values of Europe and the world, as well as the fundamental meaning of human life and freedom in the face of these challenges is the reason why legal science should again highlight the most important values of any judicial and democratic state – the constitutional values. The contemporaneity, relevance and unlimited scope of constitutional values not only unite different persons with different modes of thought, but also are able to gather lawyers from the most diverse fields of law to discuss theoretical and practical nuances of law. In the framework of the conference the broadest range of legal issues will be examined in the light of constitutional values, which means that the letter and the spirit of a judicial and democratic constitution is the theme that unites different legal disciplines.

Please apply for participation in the conference until April 11 of this year, at the same time indicating the section you have selected and submit an abstract of your presentation. The submitted theses will be used for selecting the speakers of the conference. The organizers will confirm participation in the conference by April 25. Full text of the paper for publication must be submitted by June 6 of this year. Papers will be reviewed within a month and, if necessary, the author will be given a weeks time to submit the final version of the paper in accordance with the recommendations made by reviewers.

The conference will start with a plenary session, covering an extensive range of issues with relevance in the international space. The work with oral and poster presentations will continue in the following sections:

  1. Interaction between International Law and Constitutional Values
  2. Protection of Constitutional Values in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law
  3. Value – Ideology – Norm
  4. The Role of Private Law in Reinforcing Constitutional Values
  5. Public Service as a Constitutional Value
  6. Legal Persons as Participants of Legal Proceedings and Their Right to a Fair Procedure
  7. Experience, Lessons and International Importance of the Restoration of Independent Statehood of the Republic of Latvia. Historical, Political and Legal Aspects
  8. and Section in Honour of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Constitutional Court of Latvia.

Contact us:

University of Latvia Faculty of Law
Raina Boulevard 19, Riga, Latvia



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