Public Procurement Law Review (2016) Issue 2: articles on framework contracts in Ethiopia (TH Bahta) and the concept of works and service concessions in EU law (FL Hernández González)

Table of contents


– Framework procurement contracts in the Ethiopian public procurement law (TH Bahta)

– The evolving concept of works and service concessions in European Union law (FL Hernández González)

– The European Commission’s recent report, „Economic efficiency and legal effectiveness of review and remedies procedures for public contracts” (R Williams)

– New standard forms for public procurement notices (R Williams)

– Impermissibility of absolute limitation periods for claiming damages without knowledge of the breach: case C-166/14 MedEval (D McGovan)

– The application of Treaty principles to public procurement exclusions, and exclusion for failing to lodge a declaration confirming compliance with a „legality protocol” that governs the award procedure as well as contract performance: case C-425/14 Impresa Edilux (S Smith)

– Lawfulness of a requirement to provide health services from an establishment located within a specified municipality: case C-552/13 Grupo Hospitalario Quiron (A Brown)

– The lawfulness of a regional law requiring tenderers for a public contract to undertake to pay workers performing that contract the minimum wage laid down in that law: Case C-115/14 RegioPost (A Brown)

– Ireland: principles governing the lifting of an automatic suspension: the case of BAM PPP PGGM Infrastructure Cooperatie UA v National Treasury Management Agency and Minister for Education and Skills (P McGovern)

– Ireland: lifting of an automatic suspension under the Irish Remedies Regulations prior to recent amendments: the case of Word Perfect Translation Services Ltd v the Commissioner for An Garda Siochana (Police) (P McGovern)

– Ireland: the possibility of cross examination in judicial review proceedings relating to public procurement: the case of Somague Engenharia SA and Wills Bros Ltd v Transport Infrastructure Ireland (P McGovern)

– A declaration of ineffectiveness in the UK: Lightways (Contractors) Limited v Inverclyde Council (P Henty)



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