Call for Papers – The politics of immigration, citizenship and ethnic diversity: governing societal change?

Call for Papers

Politicologenetmaal 2016 panel: the  politics  of immigration,  citizenship  and  ethnic  diversity: governing societal change?

In the framework of the Politicologenetmaal 2016, which will take place on 2-3 June at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, we are calling for papers on „The politics of immigration, citizenship and ethnic diversity”.

Migration is a major driver of change in Europe societies. In recent years. there has been a sharp rise in the number of migrants and refugees striving to enter the EU’s territory. Western and Eastern European member states have struggled with regard to the distribution of these refugees within Europe. However, the response of policy-makers to immigration flows is only one aspect of states’ attempt to govern societal change. A particularly salient issue is migrant integration. In particular after the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, a controversy evolved to what extent a link can and should be made between failed integration policies and Islamist radicalization. Beyond migrant integration policies narrowly conceived, migration poses new (perceived) challenges in a broad range of policy fields, ranging from social security to education, from cultural policies to neighborhood policies and from foreign policy to justice and police.

This session invites contributions that deal in one way or another with the challenge of governing migration and the societal changes which migration spurs in Europe. It invites contributions that look into the responses of European, national and local policy-makers on altered migration patterns.

It is also interested in questions of migrants’ integration and/or the contestation of migrants’ rights, be it by anti immigrant parties or by other societal actors. Do we witness a new wave of mobilization against ethnic or religious diversity? Do we see new forms of pro-migrant mobilizations as well? The panel does not constraint itself to migration but also invites scholars who deal with Roma and ethnic minorities.

The panel is open for senior and junior scholars working in or on the Netherlands or Flanders and embraces different methodologies and disciplines , e.g. comparative political science, sociology, European studies, and political theory. Abstract and papers are accepted in both Dutch and English. The panel discussion will take place in English. Panels at the Politicologenetmaal typically last an afternoon and a morning. The format is geared towards allowing in depth, extended discussions. Find more information here:


Saskia Bonjour,  University  of  Amsterdam  (

Florian Trauner,  Vrije  Universiteit  Brussel  (

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