ERA: The Protection of Geographical Indications Update on recent developments at international and EU levels, 21-22 April 2016

The Protection of Geographical Indications

Update on recent developments at international and EU levels

Trier, 21-22 April 2016
10% discount till 21 March
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This conference will provide intellectual property law practitioners with an in-depth analysis of the evolving legal framework applicable to geographical indications at EU and international levels with a focus on the relationship between trade marks and geographical indications (GIs) in the framework of the modernisation of the trade mark system in the European Union.

Key topics

  • Latest policy developments at international and EU levels: reform of the Lisbon System, EU trade and agriculture policies on geographical indications, single GI database
  • Geographical indications and new gTLD for Internet domain names
  • Recent cases from the General Court of the EU: Basmati, Darjeeling, Colombiano and Port Charlotte
  • Choosing the right forum of protection of geographical indications
  • Wines and spirits: a uniform and exhaustive system of protection in the EU?


Christoph Bartos, Member of the Boards of Appeal, OHIM, Alicante
Giorgio Bocedi, Founding Partner, GB Avvocati, Reggio Emilia
Mercedes Bonet González,Desk Officer Responsible for International Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, DG TRADE, European Commission, Brussels
Bernard O’Connor, Lawyer, NCTM, Milan
Nathalie Dreyfus, French and European Trade Mark Attorney, Dreyfus & Associés, Paris
Gail Elizabeth Evans, Reader in International Trade and Intellectual Property Law, CCLS, Queen Mary University of London
Benjamin Fontaine, IP Attorney and Solicitor, EGYP, Alicante
Matthijs Geuze, Head of the International Appellations of Origin Registry, Brands and Designs Sector, WIPO, Geneva
Charles Goemaere, Director for Commercial and Legal Affairs, Comité interprofessionel du Vin de Champagne (C.I.C.V.), Epernay
Irina Kireeva, Expert in Technical Barriers to Trade, TBT Programme, Brussels
Valérie Marie d’Avigneau,Legal and Policy Affairs Officer, DG GROW, European Commission, Brussels
Professor Dr. Alexander von Mühlendahl, Visiting Professor, Queen Mary University of London, Attorney at law, Bardehle Pagenberg Partnerschaft mbB, Munich



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