Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, SPECIAL ISSUE: 2016, VOLUME 23, NUMBER 1

The European Court of Justice, the European Central Bank, and the Supremacy of EU Law
Guest Editor’s Introduction
The European Court of Justice, the European Central Bank, and the Supremacy of EU Law
Federico Fabbrini

A Legal Analysis of the Gauweiler Case
Takis Tridimas and Napoleon Xanthoulis

The Luxembourg ‘Double Look’: The Advocate General’s Opinion and the Judgment in the Gauweiler Case
Daniel Sarmiento

The EMU after the Gauweiler Judgment and the Juncker Report
Jean-Victor Louis

The Gauweiler Judgment in View of the Case Law of the CJEU on European Central Bank Independence
Stefania Baroncelli

Pereat Iustitia, Fiat Mundus: What is Left of the European Economic Constitution after the Gauweiler Litigation?
Christian Joerges

Constitutional Pluralism as Mutually Assured Discretion
Matthias Goldmann

On the Unsustainability of Constitutional Pluralism
R. Daniel Kelemen

The Validity and Primacy of EU Law and the ‘Cooperative Relationship’ between National Constitutional Courts and the CJEU
Monica Claes

The ECB’s Powers and Institutional Role in the Financial Crisis
Chiara Zilioli

Ultra Vires Review and the Demise of Constitutional Pluralism
Zdenek Kühn

A New Conversation: Preliminary References from the Italian Constitutional Court
Silvana Sciarra and Giuseppe Nicastro

Accepting the Judgments of the CJEU as Authoritative
Peter Charleton and Angelina Cox


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