ERA: Improving Conditions Related to Detention The Role of the ECHR, the Strasbourg Court and National Courts Strasbourg, 25-26 February 2016

ERA: Improving Conditions Related to Detention The Role of the ECHR, the Strasbourg Court and  National Courts Strasbourg, 25-26 February 2016

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This first seminar in a series of five over two years will analyse the roles of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), as well as that of national courts, in improving conditions related to detention post and pre-trial. Case law, ECHR articles, best practice, mutual trust and recognition of judicial decisions, the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and the Framework Decision (FD) 829 (European Supervision Order) will be looked at.

Key topics

  • Overview of relevant ECHR articles
  • Case law of the European Court of Human Rights and national courts on issues related to detention
  • Issues related to pre-trial detention
  • Best judicial practice in improving matters related to detention
  • Mutual trust and mutual recognition of judicial decisions relating to detention amongst EU Member States: the effect of Council FDs 2008/909/JHA and 2008/947/JHA (mutual recognition of judgments, custodial sentences and probation decisions), 2009/829/JHA (European Supervision Order) and the 2014 European Commission report on their implementation, as well as the EAW

Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors, lawyers in private practice, ministry officials and officials from prison administrations, the probation system and prison monitoring bodies.



Moritz Birk, Researcher, Head of Human Dignity and Public Security Team, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human
Rights (BIM), Vienna

Vincent De Gaetano, Chief Justice Emeritus of Malta,
Judge at the European Court of Human Rights,

Natacha De Roeck, Project Manager, European
Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal
Professionals (HELP), Council of Europe, Strasbourg

David J Dickson, Solicitor Advocate, Head of
Extradition, Crown Office, Edinburgh

Ioan Durnescu, Professor, Faculty of Sociology and
Social Work, University of Bucharest; Confederation
of European Probation (CEP) Board Member

Ramin Farinpour, Course Director, European
Criminal Law, ERA, Trier

Jemima Hartshorn, Legal and Policy Officer, Fair
Trials Europe, Brussels

Andras Kadar, Co-chair, Hungarian Helsinki
Committee, Budapest

Dr Bas Leeuw, Assistant Professor, Institute of
Criminal Law and Criminology, Leiden University

Karolis Lutkievicius, Legal Officer, Human Rights
Monitoring Institute, Vilnius

Michaël Meysman, Phd Researcher, Institute for
International Research on Criminal Policy (IRCP),
Ghent University



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