David Robertson

David Robertson

I have been in Oxford since 1979, after 10 years at the University of Essex where I was mainly involved with the British Election Study. Since coming to Oxford my interests have shifted considerably. Although I still see myself as a political sociologist, my main teaching is in Comparative Government, and my research is in politics and law. At one stage I worked in the Strategic Studies field, publishing articles on US/NATO defence policy,and a book on NATO nuclear strategy in the last days of the Cold War. I intend to return to this field.

I have recentlyfinisheda book which is a comparative study of constitutional courts and legal-constitutional argument in five countries. Increasibly I am interested in the constitutional courts of new democracies, and the legal issues surrounding human rights codes, especially in South Africa and the CEE area. I am currently producing the second edition of a reference book on ModernDefenseand Strategy as a way or working myself back into the Strategic Studies field, where I am likely to write on the uses/misuses of defence doctrine, and on its modes of development.





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